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2018 and What's The Obsession With Hats?


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2018 and What's The Obsession With Hats?

I keep meaning to put things here instead of Facebook and then I don't. Hopefully I can do better, because it is really hard to find things again on Facebook, even if all my textile friends are on Facebook.

Last week a friend of mine asked me "What's with all the knitting and all the hats?" A few years ago, I tore it stretched a tendon in my left hand. While it was healing, I couldn't stitch and was going crazy. I discovered I could loom knit. I made a hat. There are only so many hats you can use. I discovered that our local warming center always needs warm hats. So, I started making hats for the warning center. I feel like if you need to go to the warming shelter and you need a hat, you really need a hat! (Warming shelters are places that open at night when it gets below a certain temperature, usually freezing, for people living on the street or with insufficient heat to sleep or otherwise keep from freezing to death.) As my hand healed, I was able to sew and sewed fleece hats. Now I have moved on to knitting hats, mostly bulky weight yarn hats (or yarn combined to make bulky weight), as I want to continue to help people stay warm and have found that knitting daily works better than the PT exercises I have for my hand. I have to spend more time knitting than I would doing the exercises, but it isn't boring and I get something done. I am still stitching, but since I have to knit almost daily, I don't spend as much time on it.

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