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French Knots Are Easy!

For some reason, the second embroidery stitch my mom decided to teach me (at age 6 or 7) was the French Knot. I struggled mightily with that, but a year or two later I struggled mightily with chain stitch in art class, so I honestly think this was pro… more »


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Going Goth

Several years ago I made a very classy beaded scissors fob and sheath that hangs around your neck. I was asked to teach it this summer for my local EGA group, the Cascade Stitchers. (My instructions were subsequently published as one of Cyberstitchers… more »


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Beginning Drawn Thread GCC

I finished my Beginning Drawn Thread GCC today. The third band was really challenging, actually, the whole piece was challenging. I'm glad my group got an extension because as we were getting close to the deadline, I thought I could get it done on tim… more »


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Lace Border Stitch - TAST Week 41

I wasn't particularly happy with lace border stitch, but I'd probably like it a lot better if I were a crazy quilter. I think there must be a better way to start this stitch so that the start doesn't look different from the body of the stitch, but I di… more »


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Linked Double Chain - TAST Week 40

Here are my samples of linked double chain. (The square at the top and the turquoise curved line.) You may notice a difference in image quality, I used the scanner instead of my camera. I don't really like how the background fabric turned out, but I… more »

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