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My First Hardanger Project - No Longer A UFO

Years ago when I decided to make a Hardanger wedding sampler for my brother and sister-in-law, I decided I should practice Hardanger in another project first.  I found a simple beginners piece in the much missed Classic Stitches magazine called Christm… more »


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I ran into this guy and his real life Sashiko repaired backpack at a local cafe and he was nice enough to let me take a picture of it.  He had never heard of Sashiko, it was just how he'd figured out how to repair his pack, but he was interested to… more »


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Finished my Hamsa

I finished my hamsa project last night, this is the one that was inspired by Take A Stitch Tuesday's picking Herringbone Stitch. It looks great, I'm really happy with it. I haven't washed it yet, so you can still see faint tracing lines. (I used wash… more »