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Finally Finished!


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Finally Finished!

I finally finished my Victoria Sampler Heirloom Anniversary Sampler! Just in time to give it to John and Nina at the dinner at my mom's house two days after the wedding. (They are living at my mom's as much as anywhere right now, so it was the best place to give them something - not to mention giving me the most stitching time.) Now that I'm finished I really like it again. Nina and John love it, which is the most important thing. I had originally planned to frame it for them, but then Jill pointed out that there were so many framing options and it would really change what the piece would go with, so I should leave it to them. Also, I was really concerned about the glass versus no-glass issue. No-glass is apparently better for needlework if you live in a coastal climate like my mom's house or the bay area where John will be going to school for the next few years, but glass makes it much easier to keep clean. So I just mounted it on foam core so they could see what it looked like (or easily frame it temporarily without glass.) I'll post more on what I learned from this project later.

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Comment from: Rissa [Visitor]
It looks absolutely beautiful!
08/03/07 @ 10:20

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