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Joining When Knitting In The Round


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Joining When Knitting In The Round

Circular knit with loose join from standard just knit join of first row.
Hat base showing the uneven tension between rounds when the cast on stitches have simply been joined together by a single knit stitch.

When I knit hats, I generally make them in the round and the join doesn't always look great. I find that the stitch at the join is often loose and sometimes it takes a couple rows before the tension is right  I spent some time online and then some more fruitful time at the library looking into how to make that join look better. Here is what I have found:


When casting on in the round, use whatever method you usually use, but cast on 1 extra stitch. Place the round marker before the extra stitch. If your cast on method involves casting on in pattern, cast that stitch on as the opposite of the stitch (knit or purl) that will be used for the first stitch of row 2. Join the row and complete row 1 to the marker, you will have the 1 extra stitch. Start row 2 by knitting the extra cast on stitch together with the first stitch of row 2 (or purl the 2 stitches together in the rare case that this is a purl stitch.) If you are doing colorwork, generally the color of the extra cast on stitch doesn't matter, but if you cast on in multiple colors you may want to experiment.

Circular knitting with tight join after extra cast on stitch is knit to first stitch of second row.
Hat base after extra cast on stitch is joined showing even gauge.

There is a bit more of an obvious stair step look at the beginning of the cast on edge when you start this way, but it is easily hidden when weaving in the ends. Looseness at this point on the other hand cannot easily be hidden.

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