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Draw Something Every Day - Week 2

It's the second week of Draw Something Every Day! So, far I've managed to draw every day - which I would not have without the challenge, so I'm really happy about that!

My favorite drawing for the previous week is this rather simple one:
box model layouts

I like it not for any technical or design reasons but because it clearly illustrates the two layout ideas I was thinking about. Since drawing is not my art form, only something that supports my other work, being able to draw out my ideas is very important to me.

How did other people do this week? What are your favorite drawings? And don't forget, it's never to late to start!


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Bullion, Sheaf, Arrowhead, Buttonhole Wheel, Cast-On Stitches - TAST Weeks 27-31

July TAST stitches in blue

In the last couple days I've been doing TAST catch up. I've added Bullion Knot, Sheaf Stitch, Arrowhead Stitch, Buttonhole Wheel, and Cast on Stitch to my sampler piece. I decided I needed more blue thread for this and had fun adding blues to my stash too! The shimmery buttonhole wheel on the left is DMC rayon and the one on the right is DMC metallics. It's interesting how similar the effects of the two fibers are, but the rayon is a joy to stitch, particularly compared to any metallic!



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Portuguese Stem Stitch - TAST Week 34

Flower stem in Portuguese Stem StitchHere's a sample I did in a timely manner, but didn't get posted. I'd done Portuguese Stem Stitch previously (in fact, I used it for the border of the largest cup in my Coffee Cups piece); however this example is the first time I've used it with the wraps so close together that it forms an almost even line - unfortunately, it didn't photograph as well as I would have liked.


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Knotted Buttonhole Band - TAST Week 38

2 samples of Knotted Buttonhole BandAlthough I'm behind in both my posting and my stitching for TAST, I am committed to catching up because I learn so much from it. I stuck a fairly large piece of light blue (wedgewood) Lugana from my stash in a large rectangular hoop-style frame I got at the thrift store and I'm going to do a sampler in blues of TAST stitches.

This week's stitch is Knotted Buttonhole Band and I sat down and tried it out tonight. The darker blue line is #5 perle cotton. The circle is 2 strands of stranded cotton. I like the look of it in the perle cotton, which is also easier to work this stitch with than the stranded cotton. As you can see, I also experimented with it in a circle, which I quite like, but I think would look better in the perle cotton.



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Draw Something Every Day Challenge starts today!

Time To Draw

If you are doing the Draw Something Every Day Challenge and aren't already drawing, it's time to start! Starting next Monday, every Monday there will be a post where you can post your favorite sketch or drawing of the previous week. People are also posting on their blogs (list here or the Zoomr group. If you've already been drawing, feel free to post now as well. And don't forget, it's never too late to start!

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