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Crossed Buttonhole - TAST Week 21

I haven't been keeping up with the weekly TAST stitches because I've been working on my Victoria Sampler sampler for my brother's wedding, but I really miss it. Tonight I decided to start up again, even if I'm not in a position to try to catch up. This week's stitch is Crossed Buttonhole. Yesterday at Fabric Depot, I picked up a pair of free sample frogs from Jack Dempsey Needle Art, that were intended to be done in cross stitch. I regularly see stamped goods with nice images at the thrift store, but I don't like cross stitch very much. So, I thought this would be a good chance to experiment with using unexpected stitches on stamped goods. Since it would cover the lines nicely, I decided to try doing one of them using crossed buttonhole instead of regular cross stitch. I'm not sure whether or not I like it, I think it has more to do with the picture itself though, I feel like it needs more filling than just the cross stitches (or in my case the crossed buttonhole.)

I'll have to see what I think when I'm done playing with it though. Since I took the photo I finished the buttonhole and started working on outlining it, which is a big improvement. So, we'll see...


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Pico on a Trip to Our Local Needlework Store

Pico has a cute post about a visit to our LNS on her blog:

Doggie Dash and A Dog I Actually Like!


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Canvas - Where is the Top?

Every time I start a canvaswork project, I have to go back and look up which way I'm supposed to stitch on the canvas.  It sure seems like there could be a little rhymn or something, but I've never seen one.  So, I'm starting a list of different directions for how to figure this out:

  • The Selvage goes on the Side (which I should be able to remember on it's own!)
  • For Penelope canvas, the paired threads go vertically.

I'll add more as I find them.  Maybe eventually I'll be able to remember!

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Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape

My latest finish. This is an EGA Petit Project, Winter Landscape designed by Karen L. Wojahn. This was the CyberStitchers Petit Project for January and February, but I just stitched it over the last 2 weeks, mostly while in my great class at SANS 2007.

This was a really interesting project. Pretty much all the stitches were new to me, because I don't do a lot of canvaswork, although I really enjoy it when I do. The instructions called for painting the canvas for the sky area before stitching it, which was a lot of fun. I really liked that although there was a pattern, there was quite a bit of room for personal expression - the entire tree was pretty much left for the stitcher to design, as is the grass and litter on the snow.

I'm really happy with how it turned out (though it very much needs to be blocked now that I've taken it off the stretcher bars.) I have no idea what I'm going to do with it or how I would like to finish or display it. There are 3 other Petit Projects in this series for the remaining 3 seasons.



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First Fruits of my Victoria's Stitches Cyberclass

My Counting Needles

As I've mentioned, my Victoria's Sampler cyberclass started last Thursday. In the course, they talk about and showed counting needles to use as markers for keeping track of where you are on your fabric. I've occasionally used pins for this purpose, but I'd never seen counting needles. Here are some I made today with two size 26 tapestry needles and some wire and beads. I had some beads but I also used my Joann coupon this week to buy a beautiful set of beads:

Box Set - Tropical Assortment 129 Grams: The Bead Boutique Bead Box collection is a wonderful way to get beading! With nine different glass bead assortments each boasts 24 individual flip-top containers with 8 grams of beautifully colored beads inside. All contained in one snap shut see-thru case. Perfect for the beginner as well as the advanced beader! Makes a great gift idea.

I just couldn't resist! The color palette will be so fun for experimenting with for embroidery! BTW, they are Chinese made beads, which tend to have more standardized holes and thus be be better for bead embroidery.

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