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My Sampler

I keep mentioning my sampler, so I thought I should talk a little about it.

Feather Stitch - Sampler

Essentially, I'm going through the Anchor / Coats 100 Embroidery Stitches book, more or less in order and stitching a row of each stitch that is well suited to rows on a piece of pink and white plaid cotton I got out of the remnants bin at the fabric store up the street. For surface embroidery stitches that aren't well suited to rows - like fishbone stitch and leaf stitch - I've been stitching a small row of appropriate motifs. I'll be skipping the drawn fabric and most of the canvas embroidery stitches since I'm not using an appropriate background fabric for it. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to do any of the drawn thread and insertion stitches on this piece or not, I think they might look better stitched with cotton and I'm using crewel wool from my stash. Besides I could do another sampler of drawn fabric, drawn thread and insertion stitches - for that matter, using insertion stitches, I could even insert a canvas panel if I wanted to.

At any rate, it is somewhat inspired by a child's sampler vest stitched on a piece of ticking from one of Erica Wilson's books.

I'm stitching it in the currently somewhat trendy colors of brown and pink. I really like the look of brown and pink, but I suspect that it won't take very long before anything I make in brown and pink looks dated. I don't want to stitch anything that's going to look dated by the time I finish it, but it's fun to work with colors you like. I figured there is nothing wrong with a sampler looking dated, in fact, I rather like the idea of making a sampler that will clearly look like it is from the time when it was made.

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Buttonhole Stitch - Take A Stitch Tuesday Week 2

Buttonhole Stitch on My Sampler

The stitch this week for Take A Stitch Tuesday was Buttonhole, which was good timing for me because I was on the buttonhole section on my sampler and hadn't been making a lot of progress. I'd been making very slow progress on a row of Up and Down Buttonhole stitch (the purpley-blue row in the photo) for weeks. It's a really nice looking stitch, but not one I find very interesting to stitch for some reason. However, I made myself finish it and went on to do 2 hearts, one with a single buttonhole bar and one with a double buttonhole bar (sorry no photo); a flower, and 2 small lines of Buttonhole Stitch with a Picot.

Detail of Buttonhole Stitches

I hadn't actually unrolled my sampler to look at it as a whole until this week when I was cutting out the hearts. I'm really happy with how it looks. I would however, not recommend cutting out buttonhole sections until the piece is done, it does make it a little harder to get the right tension. But I was impatient to see how it would look.

I don't have a closeup, but I really liked how the double buttonhole bar with contrasting colors worked out.



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Herringbone Samples

A front view of a detail of the Herringbone Stitch from my Hamsa project. Although it's hard to tell from the photo, the lavender stitching is a reversed herringbone similar to shadow work, not running stitch. DMC floss on cotton muslin. Herringbone Stitch1
Rear view of the same. Herringbone Stitch 2x
Herringbone stitch and threaded herringbone stitch on my stitch sampler (crewel wool on cotton), stitched late last year. Herringbone Stitch 3



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So, the challenge is supposed to be Take A Stitch Tuesday, but the stitch this week was Herringbone and I've been thinking about designing a Hamsa/Hand of Fatima using herringbone stitch, and inspiration just hit...

I'm really happy with it so far, but I do not have time to design and stitch a project a week, so I hope future inspiration is more in the form of playfulness, not design!



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Take a Stitch Tuesday

On her great stitchery blog, in a minute ago, SharonB has proposed the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, where each week we experiment with a new stitch. Since experimentation is the core of my interest in stitchery (hence my boredom with predominantly cross-stitch and satin stitch projects), this is right up my alley and I'll be trying to keep up.

I'm looking forward to it!


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