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Come to the Circus - 2009 BDEIG Seminar

BE_HippoTwo weeks ago I got to go to the Brazillian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild seminar. Between work and being sick, I didn't get to attend the whole thing, but I took part in two workshops and got to just hang out a little bit as well. It was a lot of fun, and I'm going to make sure to get the week off next year so I can participate in everything.

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Mattress Pincushion Nametag

finished CyberPointers nametag
As a member of the cyberchapters of both the EGA and ANG, I don't have a lot of occasions to wear a chapter nametag, so I was thinking that it would be nice to have a nametag that would somehow be useful for our virtual meetings too.

As a new chapter CyberPointers has just come up with a nametag design and since I'm on the Education Committee I got a chance to try the pattern out early. I have the very bad habit of using my clothes as my pincushion, so I decided to finish my nametag as a mattress pincushion. Although the pattern is designed for canvas, I stitched my nametag on linen and left the background unstitched.

My friend Valorie predicts that other members will want to copy this, so here's how I did it.

I'd never made a mattress pin cushion before, so I checked out a bunch of different web sites for directions. Mainly I followed the diagrams given in (in French and which for some reason my html won't validate when I link to it), and used this tutorial to fill-in when I needed more help.

I stitched a running stitch around the outside of the front piece, and then made an identical sized back. For the side, I stitched a narrow piece with the same number of running stitches as it took to go around the front on each side. I used a feather stitch to decorate the side piece.

From somewhere (and I wish I remembered where so I could give them the credit they deserve), I got the idea of putting a magnet in the pin cushion so that you can use it to sweep for missing pins. I used a magnet I'd salvaged from an old shower curtain. I stitched a medium size safety pin on the back of the nametag, so it can be pinned on, or attached by putting another magnet under your shirt or jacket. Also, I didn't have any interfacing, but I did have WonderUnder, so I made my own interfacing of the batting I used for the filling.

The initial stitched pieces:

stitched piece

2 pieces of batting with magnet stitched between them:

Back view of batting pieces WonderUndered in place:

back with padding

The back stitched to the sides:

half finished nametag


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Visual Progress Reports

Diamond Iris

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Exodus Breastplate

Midnight Garden


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Stitch In Public Day and Heart

mosiac stitch traditional folk heart from Oksana's Sampler

I've put a lot of work in this past weekend on the traditional folk heart that is the center of my Oksana's Sampler. Unfortunately, I did almost as much frogging as stitching. A lot of this stitching was on Saturday during "Stitch in Public Day." I stitched on the lightrail to downtown to run an errand and in a local coffee shop.

I'm starting to get into a rotation of sorts. It's not a strict rotation, but I am moving from project to project with what feels like the beginnings of regularity and order. This image, and several forthcoming ones, are from my literally tossing my work on the scanner when I had to scan a work document. They aren't beautiful photography, but they do document my work.



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Winter Landscape - EGA Petite Project

The January/February Cyberstitchers' Petite Project is a canvaswork project called Winter Landscape by Karen L. Wojahn. There are actually 4 of these Petite Projects, one per season. There is a picture of the Spring Landscape on the EGA Petite Projects page.

I haven't done any canvaswork since I was a child (other than the Rice Stitch ornament that was designed as canvaswork but I did it on aida because it was what I had in my stash), but lately I've seen several examples of projects that contain little or no tent-stitch and been wanting to try something along those lines.

Yesterday I got most of the required supplies on my visit to Acorns and Threads and then also went to Needlepoint Plus to get the white Rainbow Gallery Flair and some needlepoint canvas. Today, I went to Art Media to get the paint to paint the canvas.


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