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WIP's - my rotation in formation

I'm starting to form a rotation. It's not entirely formal, and I'm not sure I want it to be. Sometimes I just pick something up because it will fit in well with what I'm doing right now.

Currently in my semi-rotation:

  • Sunshine Makes Makes Me Happy the January/February education project for Cyberpointers, designed by Meg & Tory Shaffer. For reasons that will later become clear, I'm also including the dragonfly from this month's WOW meeting with this project.
  • Oksana's Sampler - an EGA Correspondence Course taught by Judith D Gulick, who also taught the great Winterspring course I took a little over a year ago.

    Initial basting done, starting to stitch Folk Art Heart
  • Exodus Breastplate - basting done, mounted on frame, need to start on jewels. I'm a little behind from the class. I'm missing 2 of the threads needed.
  • Options ... in Hardanger - started making blocks. Still also looking at threads - I'm doing a set of samples based on the colors of the Finica Mardi Gras Sampler (Finica colors 1062, 1325, 2240, 2699, 3560 & 4350). Today I found a fabulous Caron Watercolors (093 Painted Desert) that contains all 6 colors.
  • Star of Hearts - just finished gathering materials. This counts as being in the rotations given how much time I spent on this. It took 2 visits to my LNS; time there and at home online trying to find appropriate thread conversions; hours online trying to find the threads - finally ended up with the original threads - no appropriate conversions found, other than where two options given, some no longer made, but still available through some larger online outlets, blah, blah, blah; two different online stores - one of which is Nordic Needle who has practically everything, but still did not have everything I needed for the project.

ing into the rotation:

  • Midnight Garden (Cyberpointers 2009 SAL #1) - need to paint my canvas and get threads
  • Casalguidi and Lavender - ready to baste, need some DMC threads for the next step
  • Currently Secret Cyberpointers 2009 SAL #2 - getting permission from copyright owner, but I'm going to stitch the piece regardless
  • Diamond Iris - waiting for instructions, bought most materials today
  • Teapot Cosy - current EGA Correspondence Course but has essentially become a WISP even though I like the project



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2009 Stitching Goals - Or Yes, I am still here

So, it's been almost a year since I last posted! I'm still here and still stitching, but I haven't been reflecting on my stitching as much (and hence blogging) as I'd like to.

A lot of my friends have posted their needlework goals for the year, and I'm going to join them. I want to blog more often - at least enough to document everything I finish and all my BE meeting practice pieces. I also want to experiment with formally stitching in rotation - ie rotating through a set of projects one per day or putting in X amount of time on each or something. I'm currently doing some research on how other people do this and keep themselves organized. My friend Meg is a very good example!



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Beginning Drawn Thread GCC

Beginning Drawn Thread GCC samplerI finished my Beginning Drawn Thread GCC today. The third band was really challenging, actually, the whole piece was challenging. I'm glad my group got an extension because as we were getting close to the deadline, I thought I could get it done on time if I had to, but the third band took a lot longer than I'd expected. I'm really happy with how this turned out and how much I learned.

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Winterspring Pictures

These are actually scans, so if you follow the links, you can actually look at them in life size. It continues to amaze me how well scanning needlework can work. You can see my other post on this project here.



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Take It Further February - Still Thinking

Although I am planning to work the color scheme each month because I think that will help me grow more as an artist, I am inspired by this month's theme of "What are you old enough to remember." In a fiber arts sense, the thing that comes to mind is how fabric and embroidery materials were available at (an ever decreasing number of) department stores and variety stores. Now, even Walmart is cutting out it's fabric and craft section and places like JoAnn fabrics are focusing on crafts and framing. At any rate, for the February Take It Further challenge piece, I want to do an iron-on embroidery pattern (or more likely a tracing of one.) But I'm having a very hard time deciding what I want to do. I have some transfers I like, but there are also so many great ones on the web. Such as the ones at Vintage Transfer Finds. I also like some of the images used as challenges at Hand Embroidery Group Projects. Of course, I need to find one that fits with my color scheme too. Anyway, I haven't started stitching, I'm just taking too much time looking at different possible designs on the web and in my stash.

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