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Taking It Further - January

background of ATC for January's Take It Further ChallengeI've been spending a lot of stitching time on my Artist Trading Card (ATC) that is doing dual duty as my January project for the Take It Further Challenge and the 2007 Cyberstitchers President's Challenge (an ATC.) It's looking rather different from my original sketch, but I'm quite happy with it. I was going to do it on a higher thread count canvas, but I decided that the finishing might be easier with congress cloth and I had a scrap just the right size. I'm currently working on the inner border, there will also be an outer border and I hope to embroider my name and some info on a piece of cloth for the back - if I have time, they need to be to Rissa by January 30th!

ATC in progress for January's Take It Further Challenge with motif and part of border doneThe background is cashmere stitch, I did the diagonal half first and decided that it was looking too regimented, so I did the other half trying to just be random. If I were doing this again, I'd probably do the whole thing in a semi-random pattern. The tree is a mix of thorn stitch and chained bar with bullion knot roots. The inner border is just basketweave stitch, which I'm using mostly because I wanted something plain and stable. I'm also planning an outer border of buttonhole stitch.

I got the DMC color conversions for the color scheme off another challenge participants blog - unfortunately, I can't recall who at the moment. At any rate, I used DMC 210 (a lavender), 333 (a purple), 822 (a cream/beige), 964 (a light minty green), and 3768 (which looks dark green or blue green depending on the light.)


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Draw Someting Every Day Week 19 and Take It Further Challenge

ATC ideasThis is an example of major multi-tasking. Sometimes when you have a bunch of ideas floating around in your head, they all merge together even if that isn't the idea. The outgoing president of my needlework group, Cyberstitchers had proposed making artist trading cards as her president's challenge for last year. I never got around to it, but the date has been pushed back to the end of the month and this came to me. I'm intending to use the color scheme from Sharon B's Take It Further Challenge. I'll try to post more later about why I am going to try to work with the color scheme, not the theme at a later date.

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Draw Something Every Day Week 18

hardanger ribbon sketchesEasy choice this week, I only drew once.... But I am drawing. These are some ideas I had for a hardanger ribbon. I'm making a hardanger chatelaine as part of the Winterspring GCC and was doodling with the idea of doing a hardanger ribbon for the chatelaine. The stitching could be fun, but I'm not sure I'd want to do all the cutting!


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Draw Something Every Day Week 17

I've been horrible about both drawing and posting lately. (With a subsequent lack of improvement in drawing skill to go with it.) This last week, I have been drawing, but it's been mostly lines in disappearing ink on my TAST sampler to stitch on (or think about stitching on.) I hope to do better in 2008!


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TAST - I did it!

TAST Stitches from last six months plus some earlier stitches in a blue on blue samplerI finished TAST! I haven't blogged everything yet (obviously!), but I just stitched week 52's sample onto my TAST sampler. There are still a number of stitches that I did before I started my sampler that I need to add. Maybe I'll be really motivated and do them all tomorrow - it would be great to finish my sampler during 2007, but I don't know if I'm THAT motivated.

Pico and Hero have been wanting to be involved in this process all afternoon, including sitting next to my sampler when I photographed it.


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