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Draw Something Every Day Week 9

I think this challenge gets harder, not easier for me. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the best lessons come from working on the hard stuff. I'm several days late and going to break my own rules and not post anything, because frankly, I don't think I drew anything in the previous week that is worth using up even free photo storage.

I am doing better this week though and having some interesting mental breakthroughs. I'll share them next Monday.

Check out loveFibre's drawing for this week, I love the back story.



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Tech Brainlessness or Draw Something Every Day Week 8

I'm starting to wonder if my brain has a fundamental disconnect between the ability to draw and the ability to do anything technical, like, oh... get photos and post my drawings. I finally found both my camera and the memory card for it at the same time only to have to leave for a trip and end up with no internet access three days in a row. The only three days (up to today) where I was expected to have internet access....

Oh and did I draw on said trip? Twice. In almost a week. That said, I really like the two drawings I did - I managed to draw a general shape without getting too caught up in making it perfect. So, here's my favorite, in case you can't read my writing, it says "Pico [my service dog] barked at bison today trying to get their attention"

rough drawing of a bison


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Draw Something Every Day Week 6

I don't have a photo of my favorite drawing this week because I went out of town for the weekend and left one camera at home and the computer adapter for the other with it. Oops! My favorite drawing wasn't much to look at - I was experimenting to see if I could scribble with my foot. I was mostly just doodling and scribbling, but when I looked at it, I saw some interesting shapes and forms. I've been interested in doing some non-representative and non-patterned work, but I have a very strong tendency to make, and then reinforce patterns. Drawing with my foot got me away from that and I may experiment some more with that.

What have you been drawing?


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Lace Border Stitch - TAST Week 41

stacked lace border stitchI wasn't particularly happy with lace border stitch, but I'd probably like it a lot better if I were a crazy quilter. I think there must be a better way to start this stitch so that the start doesn't look different from the body of the stitch, but I didn't experiment much with it, since I don't plan to work with the stitch in the future. Of course, there are numerous stitches that I wasn't much impressed with at first try and later found very useful.

I stacked two layers in different colors and weights of perle cotton. Unfortunately the photo is a little blurry - my macro lens works best in sunlight (and full spectrum light isn't a good enough substitute.) Unfortunately it's a grey Oregon fall day, so I'll just have to live with it.


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Draw Something Every Day Week 5

drawing experiments with lines and space Being sure to use my sketch book has been very effective for me and I'm back on track. This week I've mostly been experimenting with lines and curves. My favorite drawing is from Saturday and inspired by the different contrast in spaces I'd seen earlier that day in Maryhill, Washington at the Stonehenge War Memorial and in the bell tower of the town church. I got some fabulous photos at Stonehenge, there's one below and the rest are on my Zooomr page.

Line and texture at Stonehenge War Memorial in Maryhill, WA

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